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head-tunstillReverend Alvin Tunstill, Jr. was called to be the ninth pastor of Trinity on November 16, 1995. He accepted the call on December 31, 1995, and preached his first sermon as Trinity’s pastor on Easter Sunday, April 7, 1996. He was formally installed as pastor on October 27, 1996, at a glorious installation worship service attended by members of Trinity, the local community, as well as Rev. Tunstill’s family and friends who traveled far and wide to witness the occasion.

Rev. Tunstill was born October 6, 1957, in Louisville, Kentucky. He was the fifth child of seven children born to Rev. Alvin Tunstill, Sr. and his wife, Mildred. Rev. Tunstill, Jr., grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at an early age, having been impacted by the strong religious faith and teachings of his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, who were all Baptist preachers and pastors of churches in Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky, respectively.

Rev. Tunstill received the B.A. degree in political science at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, in 1980, and the Master of Divinity degree from the Chicago Theological Seminary in conjunction with the University of Chicago Divinity School in Chicago, Illinois, in 1987. He has done work toward the Doctor of Ministry degree at the New York Theological Seminary. Rev. Tunstill was called to the ministry in 1981 under the pastorate of the late Dr. J. H. Jackson, who was pastor of the historic Olivet Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois, and past president of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. He served as assistant to Dr. Jackson for eight years. In January 1990, Rev. Tunstill was called to pastor the Shiloh Baptist Church (the second oldest African-American Baptist church in Jamaica-Queens, New York) and remained there for six years. While at Shiloh, Rev. Tunstill implemented many new programs and developed a stewardship program that dramatically increased the finances of the church. Not only did he establish many new ministries and outreach community programs, he held memberships and served on boards and numerous organizations in New York and Kentucky.

head-shots_timothy-harrisMinister Timothy Harris, currently a minister on Trinity’s ministerial staff, received his education at Biola University where he received the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership. Minister Harris joined Trinity in 1985. Throughout his tenure with the church minister Harris has served in many capacities. As a police officer serving the community in which the church resides, minister Harris has advised the pastor and church boards on matters of crime in the community, safety of the membership and church property, and much of Trinity’s interaction with the police authority. Minister Harris assists the Pastor in his teaching and preaching, ministers to the Baptismal Ministry. Minister Harris serves as an advisor to Trinity’s Disaster and Earthquake Preparedness Committee.

head-martinRev. Adilifu Martin, an ordained minister, received his education for the ministry in the early 1970’s. Rev. Martin studied at Fuller Theological Seminary where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. Rev. Martin is currently enrolled in the Master of Divinity Program at Fuller Theological Seminary. During his tenure at Trinity Rev. Martin has been involved with the youth ministries, married couples’ and the sick and shut- in ministries. Rev. Martin currently ministers over the sick and shut-in and hot lunch program ministries, and assist the pastor with devotional services during the early morning worship service. Additionally, he provides the Friday morning devotion for the homeless and community citizens who look to Trinity for a hot lunch on Friday of each week.

head-marzetteRev. Dr. Eugene H. Marzette, an ordained minister, received his education at California State University Fresno, his Master of Divinity and Doctorate degrees from Friends International Christian University in 1976. He became an associate minister at Trinity in 1986. Dr. Marzette serves as the community relations Liaison for the Los Angeles Police Clergy whose primary purpose is to organize communities to eradicate gang violence, and as a board member representing Trinity Baptist Church on The Jefferson Park Improvement Project. Dr. Marzette is Co-Chairperson of Trinity’s Board of Christian Education.

head-mayesRev. S. Damon Mays, an ordained minister, received his education at Rio Hondo College, Bishop College, The University of Detroit and Fuller Theological Seminary. He served as Pastor of the New Bethany Baptist Church, Zion Baptist Church (Now New Hope Baptist), New Ebenezer Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist and Bethlehem Baptist Church. He was a Dean of Friendship District Association Congress of Christian Education. Rev. Mays came to Trinity in 1996. Rev. May serves as advisor to Trinity’s New Member Orientation Ministry.

head-shots_charles-hendersonRev. Dr. Charles E. Henderson, an ordained minister, serves as an associate pastor/teacher at Trinity Baptist Church. He joined Trinity in 2000. Dr. Henderson holds an assortment of degrees in several areas. He studied business administration at Fairfield College in Dallas, TX. He later moved his studies to the ministry and later in his studies at Evangel Christian University of Monroe, LA, and the following degrees were conferred upon him: Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, Master of Arts in Theology, Doctor of Divinity, and a Doctor of Religious Psychology. Dr. Henderson later studied at the University of Guam where he received the Doctor of Literature degree. His studies continued at The University of Christian Counseling in Wichita Falls, TX where he received the Doctoral Degree in Christian Counseling. Dr. Henderson currently serves as a Missionary to Africa and chairs Trinity’s Aid to Africa Ministry.

head-WarthenRev. Alexander Leroy Warthen, an ordained minister, received his education at the University of Pittsburg, UCLA, Los Angeles Bible Training School, and Azusa Pacific University. He served as a Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Superintendent of the Sunday School. He is the co-founder/organizer and president of St. Augustine Bible College….Rev. Warthen’s major focus at Trinity is the Couple’s Ministry.
alexander.warthen@trinitybaptistchurchofla.org | Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderwarthen24

Dr Priscilla Ratcliff-Associate MinisterDr. Priscilla Ratcliff, Associate Minister, is a native of Houston, Texas. She was raised and baptized at Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church, under the direction of the late Rev. W. Leo Daniels, Senior Pastor. Her ministry duties at a young age were to play the piano for Sunday School, BYPU, and sing Alto with the Daniel gospel singers. Accepting the call to ministry she graduated from the Minister’s Training Institute in 1999 specializing in marriage counseling, foreign ministry, church planning and preaching the gospel. Dr. Ratcliff received her first Certificate of Ordination from the Gospel Ministry of Living Rock Community Baptist Church, Compton, CA. She earned her license to preach the gospel from Crenshaw Christian center in Los Angeles. She earned another certificate of license to preach the gospel from Abundant Harvest Christian Center, a non-denominational church in Altadena, California, where she was a minister on staff for four years, teaching youth and marriage counseling. Dr. Ratcliff joined Trinity Baptist Church December 23, 2012. In addition to her duties of Associate Minister, she teaches the new member class #9, and is the chair of Trinity’s Team of Encourager.

Dr. Ratcliff graduated from Texas Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She earned a lifetime merit teaching credential from Compton Community College, a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising from California State University, Long Beach CA.

Dr. Ratcliff can be reached at: Telephone (323) 735-0044
Email: priscilla.ratcliff@trinitybaptistchurchofla.org

Board of Trustees — Mattie Gardette, Chairman

Board of Deacons — Earl Garrett, Chairman

Board of Deaconess — Pauline Singleton, Chairperson

Board of Christian Education — Rev. Eugene Marzette, Co-Chair

Board of Christian Education — Clarice Johnson, Co-Chair

Board of Ushers — Rosa Howard, President

General Mission Society — Dr. R. Juanita Mays, President

Finance Committee — Michele Nelson, Chairperson