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donateFulfilling the programmatic mission of Trinity Baptist Church is made possible primarily through the generosity of members and friends. Because all we have comes from God, we pledge a share of our first fruits to our vital ministries in education, worship, membership, mission and social justice and to local, national, and international outreach.

Donations to assist in proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world are gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible in the United States. Those who choose to voluntarily support this work are welcomed as co-workers in this effort to proclaim the true gospel to all nations.

Online Giving allows you to sow into our ministry via the Internet with a charge card. It is a way to conduct your transactions online with a full knowledge that your personal information is safe and secure.

LifeStyle Stewardship Capital Campaign

Our LifeStyle Stewardship Capital Campaign is a Biblically based, spiritually motivated program designed to raise and release finances and other resources to build and improve our own existing and to-be-designed facilities. These new and improved facilities will enable us to continue fulfilling the vision God has given us. It is a spiritual campaign with financial results. However, it is a much more than simply raising money. 

donateThe capital campaign brings to us all a season of great challenges regarding the Lordship of Christ. We continue to learn about our responsibility to manage the resources that God entrusted to us.

The Campaign is an opportunity for each one of us to let our commitment, sacrifice and faith establish a firm foundation upon which, together with Christ, we will shape our God given destiny. Our challenge is to build our future together!

What Is Expected of Us?
Each person who belongs to our church family has been asked to diligently seek the Lord regarding his/her personal commitment, and then be obedient to His direction.

How? Through Sacrificial Giving!
“Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice”
In scripture, a sacrifice is something of value that is set aside or consecrated for a Holy purpose. Members of our church have varying giving potential due to the nature of their assets, work, and remuneration. Each family, however, is being challenged in its lifeStyle, to give up something in order to make a special gift, so that together we can fulfill the vision God has given us. Through such a commitment, we can celebrate as we are.