Faye Yarbrough – Endorsed Global Servant with International Ministries

Faye Yarbrough is a newly endorsed global servant with International Ministries (IM). She will teach and tutor math and science at Teleios Christian School in King Williams Town South Africa. Faye will be working alongside some amazing teachers dedicated to make sure each student has a chance to see and use the gifts God has place in their spirit. The Lord has called Faye to help women and children through Discipleship and Education.

Faye said, “My prayer was for God to use me to meet the needs of His people using math and science. God connected me with IM and the ministry in King Williams Town, South Africa, where the people in the multi-ethnic churches, schools, orphanages and after-school programs had been praying to God to send more help for school-age children and young adults. God answered both of our prayers!”

Please use the link below to visit Faye’s profile page on the International Ministries website. Sign up for Faye’s newsletter and access her journal for updates on Faye’s Divine Calling and Missionary Work.




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